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One Baton Rouge Police Officer is suing Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson, the man the officer blames for injuries caused during a protest in July over the death of Alton Sterling.

According to the suit, filed on Monday, the unnamed officer claims he was hit in the face with a rock or a piece of concrete during a July 9 protest, which caused a jaw and brain injury. The officer also claims he lost teeth during the protest.

The victim, however, isn’t blaming McKesson for the injuries, but rather is coming after the BLM leader for inciting “the violence.” The officer is suing for his medical bills and damages.

DeRay hasn’t released a full statement regarding the lawsuit, but he did tweet on Monday evening: “I wish the Baton Rouge police would return my book bag.”


It was during that same protest that McKesson was famously arrested and charged with obstruction of a roadway.

During the time of the arrest, cameras captured the civil rights activist telling a group of protestors: “The police in Baton Rouge have been truly awful tonight. They have provoked people, they chase people just for kicks. The police have been violent tonight. The protesters have not.”

After McKesson’s statement, that’s when you see a team of police barge in and yell, “This is the police, you’re under arrest! Don’t fight me! Don’t fight me!”

A calm McKesson fired back, “I’m under arrest, y’all!”

He was released 17 hours later.

DeRay’s arrest came days after the death of Sterling, the 37-year-old Baton Rouge resident who was tackled, gunned down and shot at point blank range while selling CDs in the parking lot of a convenience store.

Autopsy reports eventually showed that Sterling suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and the back.

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