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The Country Music Awards aired Wednesday night and for the first time in its 50-year existence, Beyoncé hit the stage to perform. Yes, Queen Bey took over the CMAs!

In general, it was a big night for TV with the awards show going up against the World Series (congrats, Cubs!), so it’s no surprise that the CMAs pulled out the big guns with Bey. Plus, ‘Yonce had the perfect song for the occasion, “Daddy Lessons,” her country-inspired song from her Lemonade album. Really, the whole thing was genius.

Beyoncé, in all of her big dress glory, performed alongside the Dixie Chicks, and gave one helluva show. Seriously, live instruments, stellar vocals and bangin’ body rolls … Bey and the Chicks slayed!

But, of course, there were the haters. Some folks felt like the “Diva” singer didn’t “belong” at the Country Music Awards, so they went to social media to complain. Obviously, they’re losers who were wrong, but click through below to see why they were BIG mad at Bey.



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