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Watch! Wale Goes Ape Sh*t On White Chick Who Blew Smoke In His Face



Wale was two seconds from laying ‘dem paws’ on a white chick outside Bootsy Bellows Tuesday night. Per video posted on TMZ, the DMV rapper was seen confronting a woman outside of the club when she blew a massive cloud of cigarette smoke in his face … and he went nuts.


It’s not clear what caused the altercation. In the video you can hear the woman, with lit cigarette in hand, say, “Are you really following me?” before intentionally blowing the smoke in Wale’s face. Angered, he then knocks her food to the ground, and appears to be ready to full-on fight her and her friend when his friend pulls him away. It’s kind of hilarious … sorry.

Wale did go on “TMZ Live” this morning to explain his side of things. Apparently, the girl’s friend (pictured in the yellow) had gotten into a fight earlier in the evening and Wale tried to make light of it. Evidently, the girls didn’t find it humorous and hit him with a “you people,” which he took as a racial insult. He said, with his daughter in his lap, that he would never hit a girl, but at the time, he didn’t think she deserved to eat. Ha! His words, not ours.

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