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Dear Black h*es,

Are you feeling empty inside? Do you find that, even though you’ve gotten the best a** shots money can buy, plus the finest Malaysian sew-in you could muster up, you still can’t get the man of your dreams? Well, Trick Daddy has some sage advice for you.

The Miami rapper has taken time out of his day to help the h*es. While recording a video on Instagram and driving (yikes!), Trick warns that “these Spanish and these white h*es, they done started getting finer than a m*tha-f*cker. Y’all Black h*es better tighten up.” Yes, tighten up is his suggestion. Oh, and he also said something about frying chicken, because face it, if you don’t want the Spanish and white h*es taking your place, chicken will do the trick (no pun intended).

Hopefully Trick was just joking , but check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Y’all black girl better tighten up ..

A video posted by KingDingaLing (@trickdaddydollars) on

How will the h*es ever thank you enough, Trick Daddy?

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