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Donald Trump’s “bad hombres” comment during Wednesday night’s presidential debate infuriated some and made others laugh out loud.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t even help but giggle when the Republican presidential candidate suggested “we have some bad hombres here, and we’re going to get them out” while discussing immigration.

But one person really getting a cackle out of Trump’s statement is rapper Nicki Minj, who took to Instagram on Thursday morning to share her thoughts on Donald’s absurd comment.

“Yo I’m cryin. Like this man really said ‘bad hombres’ at a crucial debate while running for President of the USA!!!! And pronounced it as hambre like he hungry,” Minaj wrote, adding dozens of cry face emojis. “Like I’m cracking up laughing so hard.”

She continued, “HAVE YALL EVER SEEN THE MOVIE “THE CAMPAIGN”?!!?!?! With Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis?!?! Pls watch that movie if u wanna cry laughin for 2 hours. In the movie, the craziest shit they do, keeps inadvertently moving them up in the polls!!!!! Donald is Will Ferrell in that movie y’all pls watch it if u haven’t seen it. And I don’t get high, but if u watch it when u high u will be on the FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the clueless face that rlly has me laughing. It’s as tho he really doesn’t know it’s bad.”

Minaj concluded her dissertation with something we’ve all been thinking. “On another note, I think Michelle should absolutely run in 8 years,” she wrote.

As you could probably imagine, folks on the Internet also got a kick out of the “hombres” comment, which led to some great memes.

Click to see some good ones.

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