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Kevin Gates’ Angry Wife Speaks Out Following Rapper’s 180-Day Jail Sentence: “Inshallah Justice Will Be Served”



Kevin Gates was sentenced to 180 days in Polk County Jail and a one year probation on Wednesday after being found guilty of kicking a fan back in 2015 during a show in Lakeland.

You might recall, Gates got super agro while on stage at Rumors nightclub last year and kicked 19-year-old Miranda Dixon square in the face after she tried to grab his shorts. “He lifted his foot up and kicked me,” Dixon said in court on Wednesday.

Gates was taken straight to jail following the hearing and will remain locked up for the next six months. Meanwhile, the rapper’s wife is calling BS on the final ruling.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Dreka Gates suggested the victim’s “friend choked the f*ck out of her. She claims she fainted, but yet she and her friend stayed at the club at the front of the stage even after this incident.”

Gates continued, “She also acquired a civil attorney early on…what does that tell you? She also touched him FIRST (more than once) without his consent but yet he was the one sentenced to jail today for the same crime.”

Dreka went on to detail what happened in court, claiming Dixon and her friend had very “conflicting stories and were tripped up in many lies today in the courtroom. It was comical and sad at the same time to see how desperate people are for fame and money.”

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She added, “Not to mention the prosecutors wanted to give him 60 days with anger management and community service but yet the judge decided to give him 180 days?!? Are you f*cking kidding me. Inshallah justice will be served. #unjust #fuckery #polkcounty #smfh by the way, thanks for taking my husband away from our kids (sarcasm) #itsnotoverjustyet.”

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