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Welp, looks like Mariah Carey is back on the market because her billionaire boy toy has dumped her.

Mi Mi and fiance’ James Packer were set to wed next year, but it doesn’t look like the two will be making it down the aisle after all. According to Woman’s Day magazine, Packer has dumped Mariah.

Apparently, James is neither a fan of Carey’s upcoming reality show nor her extravagant spending. One source stated that, “James is very generous but Mariah takes it to the next level.” The billionaire casino mogul and the legendary singer have been having issues for a while now, and they’ve been captured by the cameras following Mariah. Packer is a private guy and reportedly “had huge reservations about Mariah’s new reality TV show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world.”

But that may not be the only reason the duo has called it quits. James has reportedly lost some major money in a recent deal gone bad with China and now the baller may be bailing on his relationship because of it. When we say major money, we’re talking almost $700 million! Crown Resorts’, which Mr. Packer has a 48.2% interest in, market value plummeted after 18 of its staff was detained by Chinese authorities for illegally promoting gambling on the mainland. James was not one of the 18 arrested, but losing hundreds of millions while dating some one who spends money frivolously may have felt like some sort of prison and cause Packer to peace out on Mi Mi.

On the brighter side, Mi Mi still has her $10 million engagement ring, so maybe it’s not completely over.

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