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Hurricane Matthew has killed more than 400 people in Haiti, and now, the fierce storm has made its way to the states.



The Category 3 storm, which completely demolished cities of Haiti, has now hit the coastline of Florida with 120 mph winds.

Folks have been advised to evacuate or to promptly get to shelter; meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center is suggesting the storm could be a “life-threatening inundation during the next 36 hours” from Sestian Inlet, Florida, to Cape Fear, North Carolina.

Many have taken to social media to not only send love to Haiti, which was decimated by the storm, but to send love to the east coast, which is currently hunkering down. Jurnee Smollett Bell tweeted that she’s praying for “Haiti and all those who will be affected.”


Yvette Nicole Brown shared a video of the damage done in Haiti, and suggested on Instagram that “#HurricaneMatthew is currently hitting Daytona Beach, Florida. This is what it did to Haiti. Please pray for all those affected and send aid if you’re able.”

Meanwhile, Vanilla Ice is feeling the effects personally. The rapper turned television host has been sharing his experience via Twitter as he hunkers down in Palm Beach.




Our thoughts are with the victims of the hurricane and all of those who have been affected.

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