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It’s not a good week for Cam Newton. A couple days after sustaining a concussion during the Panthers versus the Falcons game, the Carolina QB is now being hit again … with a lawsuit.

According TMZ Sports, Newton is being sued for trashing a Beverly Hills mansion he rented back in March, and get this: The homeowner is Stacy Keibler’s hubby, Jared  Pobre.

Per the site:

Newton paid $123k to rent the place for 61 days and agreed there would be NO PARTIES, no smoking and no more than 8 guests. Problem is … the housekeeper snitched — telling the rental company Newton had been throwing multiple parties and leaving cigarette ashes all over the house. In the suit, Pobre says his company warned Newton to cut out the funny business — and Cam responded by telling the housekeeper to quit diming him out. When Newton moved out, Pobre says the house had been trashed — he broke an expensive fridge, caused water damage to the floors, ruined linens and worst of all … destroyed a fancy $32,000 rug. Pobre says they went after Cam for the damages — $90,324.47 — but he never paid. Pobre says home repairs took more than 2 months to complete — so he wants Cam to fork over an additional $180k in lost rent … totaling $270,324.47 … plus legal fees!

As for Cam’s condition, NFL docs met with him Monday as a part of their concussion protocol, and have not decided if they will allow him to play in Game 5.

We’re praying that all is well, and that he coughs up these people’s coins.

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