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Al Sharpton Says He’s Not Giving Any Money To Haiti, Find Out Why!



Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti and wreaked havoc on the Caribbean country recently. Hundreds of lives were lost and millions of dollars in damage was done … and now, the country is in the process of rebuilding, but is in dire need of funds. Unfortunately, they won’t see any coming from Al Sharpton.

“What happened to the money that was given the last time? We need to look into it,” Sharpton told PageSix. “I don’t know where the blame lies.” Referring to the money Haiti received following the devastating earthquake in 2010, Al believes that no more money should be sent to the country until the $10 billion dollars from last time is accounted for. It’s been six years and Haiti still hasn’t been rebuilt and thousands are still homeless.

Instead of funds, Sharpton says to send “just clothing, food and supplies.”

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