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Ain’t No Sex, Bih! Halle Berry Denies Doin’ It With Ric Flair



He said, she said … that’s the game Halle Berry and Ric Flair are playing right now.

Earlier this week, Ric was bragging about how Halle rode his “Space Mountain,” claiming the two hooked up in Atlanta after she had just divorced David Justice. But, Berry is denying the whole thing.

Not only is the Oscar-winning actress completely shutting down Flair’s little fairytale, but sources close to Berry are telling TMZ, “There is NO truth to this! Halle has literally never even heard of him let alone met him!!! A man doesn’t get to sexualize and lie about a woman he’s never met to better himself or his name. It’s offensive, demeaning and beyond misogynistic.”

Yea, we wouldn’t want to be known for doing the nasty with Ric Flair either. Whose story do you believe?

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