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Keith Lamont Scott was shot dead by Black police officer Brentley Vinson earlier this week in Charlotte, North Carolina, and now, new cell phone footage recorded by Scott’s wife has been released, showing the final moments before her husband was killed.

In a video released by the family’s lawyers, the wife of Scott can be heard calmly telling officers that her husband was unarmed. Mrs. Scott, who filmed the entire encounter from a short distance away, tells the officers that Scott had just taken his medication for traumatic brain injury.

“He doesn’t have a gun,” Mrs. Scott is heard saying. “He has a T.B.I. He’s not going to do anything to you guys. He just took his medicine.”

“Drop the gun!” an officer screams. “Let me get a f*cking baton over here!”

That’s when Mrs. Scott urges her husband to get out of the car, yelling, “Keith, don’t let them break the windows! Come up out the car … Keith, get out of the car! Keith! Keith! Don’t you do it! Don’t you do it, Keith!”

“Drop the gun!” an officer shouts again.

Moments after hearing Scott’s wife plead for the officers to not shoot, multiple gunshots ring out. “Did you shoot him?! Did you shoot him?!” she yells. “Did you shoot him?! He better not be f*cking dead! He better not be f*cking dead! I know that f*cking much! I know that much! He better not be dead!”

At the end of the visual, you see a lifeless Scott laying in the street while his wife questions whether or not an ambulance had been called.

Although not confirmed, people are speculating that a gun was planted near Scott after he was shot. As previously reported, Vinson shot at Scott because he believed he had a gun, but according to the family, Scott was holding a book.

Vinson has since been placed on paid administrative leave.

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