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L’Oreal attempted to appeal to Black consumers by creating a SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No-Lye Relaxer aka … a perm. But now, the beauty line is drowning in some serious legal water because their so called relaxer has made folks bald.

TMZ first broke the story that famous attorney Mark Geragos filed a class action lawsuit claiming that the product, used by dozens of now unhappy Black customers,  is “short on oil and long on danger, causing hair loss, breakage, scalp irritation, blisters and burns.”

According to the suit, women didn’t hesitate to purchase the product because of the celebrity names attached, such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Michelle Obama’s hairstylist and The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey.

HipHollywood read some of the complaints on Amazon, and consumers are livid. “After using the ENTIRE bottle of neutralizer, when I went to detangle after conditioning, my hair started coming out in chunks,” one review read. “Just, chunks of hair coming out. It’s a week later, and my hair is still coming out. And I’m not talking about breakage, I’m talking about the entire strand is coming out from the root (and I have armpit length hair).”

Another user wrote, “My aunt used this product for the first time and she immediately complained of burning so she washed it out without smoothing. Her hair was falling out as she neutralized … she has three quarter size bad spots in the back and crown area of her head! Her long hair is destroyed.”

A woman name Nikki suggested that she’s “never experienced burns like the burns from this product. buy the time I walked up the stairs to the bathroom it was unbearable. I pray my skin returns to normal and they should be sued.”

Well, Nikki got her wish.

L’Oreal has not responded to the suit.

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