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Desiigner was taken into custody last week on felony drug and weapons charges and now, the rapper is sort of off the hook.

As previously reported, the New York rapper and four other men were arrested after getting into a road rage incident in NYC. Per the second vehicle involved, Desiigner pointed a gun at them before taking off in the SUV.

When officials tracked down the car, it was reported that a large amount of Oxycontin and other drugs were found in the center console of the white SUV. The group of men were charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell.

Sidney Royel Selby III, the rapper’s legal name, was also hit with felony criminal possession of a loaded weapon for brandishing a gun.

Now, several days later, it’s being reported that it was actually steroids that were discovered and the substance belonged to the “Panda” rapper’s driver.

The charges of intent to sell have apparently been dropped, as well as the charges over criminal possession of a loaded weapon. The 19-year-old, however, still faces charges from criminal possession of a controlled substance.  

After all the legal drama last week, Desiigner seemingly responded with a video on Twitter. Side note: We say “seemingly” because we have no idea what he is actually saying in the clip, but he appeared to be in a great mood.

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