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Drake gifted his fans Saturday evening with the release of his Child’s Play music video on Apple Music. In true Drizzy form, the video heavily features strippers, but the must-see moment comes when Tyra Banks lashes out at the rapper. The 42-year-old supermodel plays the role of Drake’s girlfriend in the opening scene.

In a true jealous girlfriend scenario, Banks confronts Drake about cheating on her after she had read some texts in his phone. She yells out lines like, “What do you mean, why am I going through your phone? What do you expect?” And, “She didn’t even call you Drake, she called you Aubrey, so obviously there’s something a little more intimate…”

But the highlight of the 12-minute music video comes when Banks escalates the argument by smearing a slice of cheesecake all over Drake’s face and pours red wine over him as she walks out.

Watch this hilarious moment in the video below!

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