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Bella Hadid’s Subtle Reaction To Tripping And Falling During Michael Kors Fashion Show



It’s every fashion model’s worst nightmare — tripping and falling in the middle of a fashion show AND EVEN WORSE, during New York Fashion Week. For The Weeknd’s girlfriend, Bella Hadid, that very nightmare came true on Wednesday afternoon while modeling in the Michael Kors show.

Hadid, who is one of the top models in the world, was working the catwalk in a black sequined ensemble when she tripped and fell. The audience simultaneously covered their mouths in instant horror while the look of concern was plastered over their faces.

The crowd appeared to be a bit more in shock than Bella, who by the looks of images floating around social media, found the moment to be kind of funny. As she hit the floor, you see the gorgeous 19-year-old crack a smile before getting back up and finishing the show.

The model didn’t directly respond to the mishap, but she did share a video on Instagram of herself strutting moments before the fall. The caption read: “Michael Kors today. Thank you so much for having me in the show @michaelkors @johndavidpfeiffer.” She added, “(seconds before)” followed by a tear drop emoji and embarrassed monkey emoji.

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