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Ariana Grande was placed on the hot seat on Wednesday and got her little cheeks buuuurrrrnnnnneeeed.

The singer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and got blasted with questions about boyfriend, Mac Miller. Ellen started off lightly, even asking permission to discuss Miller, but then the talk show host dove right in.

Ellen first bought up that the pair performed together three years ago on her show and at the time, Grande suggested they were just buddies. “I asked you something about him and you said, ‘Oh, I’m his homie and now he’s living in your homie,” Ellen said.

DeGeneres added, “That was three years ago, so you’ve been friends, and then now all he sudden you find out …”

Grande, however, interrupted before Ellen could continue, suggesting, “This is so crazy. I’ve never had the, like, relationship talk on a show before.” That’s when Ellen quipped, “It’s just me so far. You haven’t joined in.”

Grande, who famously dated Big Sean, wound up staying pretty mum about her relationship with Mac, but she did admit that they are happy.

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