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Adrienne Bailon Addresses Rumors She Cheated On Rob Kardashian: “It Definitely Was Not Me”



Adrienne Bailon wants to set the record straight: She did not cheat on Rob Kardashian.

During Sunday night’s episode of Rob & Blac, Robert explained that his trust issues stem from a woman who cheated on him with several men. Following the episode, folks started to speculate that the woman who broke Rob’s heart was Bailon, who famously dated the reality star from 2007-2009.

Adrienne, however, silenced the chatter and addressed the allegations on her daytime talk show, The Real. “We’ve come such a long way. I think Rob is a great guy,” Bailon explained.

“Our relationship, what’s in the past is in the past. He’s moving on, he’s about to be a father, which, congratulations to him and Chyna. But, what I will say is, that girl was certainly not me, just saying. It definitely was not me. I absolutely never cheated on Rob.”

Adrienne went on to explain that she has empathy for Rob because she knows just how it feels to have an unfaithful partner. “I absolutely do relate to what he’s saying, though,” she said. “I will say this: I think anybody who’s been in a relationship where they were cheated on or hurt, it affects you. It affected me so much that I made it a conscious decision to not do that to the next person.”

That’s when co-host Loni Love jumped in and said, “You were cheated on. Rob cheated on her!”

Bailon, who initially didn’t want to speak about Rob’s infidelity, chimed in, “He was 21 years old at the time. We were super young at the time, you guys. This is old news. With that being said, being cheated on will make you question yourself.”

Kardashian was also famously linked to pop star Rita Ora.

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