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50 Cent Tells Baby Mama To “Start Job Hunting” After Child Support Controversy



50 Cent has no problem airing out his dirty laundry on Instagram, even if it involves his children.

Earlier this week, the rapper posted a countdown on social media to October 13, 2017, not only the birthday of his eldest son, Marquie Jackson, but also the day 50 stops child support payments.

“Man real life is gonna start Sooners then you think,” 50 wrote captioned the countdown. “Sad part is I wish you well, good #Shanquagetsajob”

50’s post led to a firestorm of comments by not only fans, but her son’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.

On Tuesday night, Tompkins wrote on Instagram: “Sometimes People try to destroy you, precisely because they recognize your #POWER not because they don’t see it, but they SEE IT and they don’t want it to exist!”

50 blasted back on Wednesday morning, writing on Instagram: “Life is full of choices,some you cant take back. If you hate me why you dont change your son’s name to tompkins. If im the problem why were you crying saying its your fault you didnt let him see his grand parents for 4 years? Im not your enemy you are. #startJOBhuntingNOw.”

Shaniqua and Curtis Jackson, the rapper’s legal name, have had several public feuds since the birth of their child. Several years ago, Shaniqua filed a lawsuit against the rapper for $50 million, claiming the New York native would take care of her forever; but in 2009, a judge dismissed the case.

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