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As many as 50 people have Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg to thank for waking up with a really bad hangover this morning. Actually, they only have themselves to blame, but we’re too lazy to rewrite our opening sentence. The 50 individuals, many of them underage, had to be removed from Snoop and Wiz’s “High Road” tour in New York after suffering from suspected alcohol poisoning.

According to the Page Six, law enforcement shut down several bathrooms outside of the concert venue after three intoxicated teens were removed from them within 20 minutes of each other. A source claims dozens of teens were drinking vodka out of water bottles in the bathrooms and parking lot of the concert venue in an episode of pre-gaming gone wrong.

Four people were also reportedly arrested for marijuana possession, and another person was so inebriated they fell and broke their nose.

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