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Toya Wright opened up about recently losing her two brothers with PEOPLE magazine. Wright, who just recently filed for divorce from her husband Memphitz, recalled how she found out the devastating news, and said on the day of the shooting she knew something was wrong.

“I got a call from my sister-in-law and she was like, ‘Your brothers just got shot,'” recalls Wright, who was hosting a party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at the time of the call. “The music was loud and I’m [thinking], this can’t be real.” Screengrab of Toya Wright's Instagram post of her two brothers, Rudy and Josh Johnson, who were killed in New Orleans 8/1/16 Source: Toya Wright/Instagram

Courtesy:  Toya Wright/Instagram

On July 31, Wright’s brothers, Ryan “Rudy” Johnson, 24, and Joshua “Fish” Johnson, 31, were found shot to death inside a car in New Orleans’ seventh ward. Wright, 32, said on the night of the shooting, she started calling her relatives but no one would pick up the phone. “I guess they didn’t want to tell me what was really going on,” she says.

Eventually, she says she spoke with her sister-in-law again, who told her that her brothers were still inside the car, the crime scene was cordoned off and no one was allowed near the vehicle. “When she said that,” Wright explains, “I just knew.”

“It was the worst news ever,” she continued. “Murders happen every day and this is another dark night in New Orleans. You hear about stories like this all the time, but it doesn’t really hit you until you get that call. It hits so close to home.”


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