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Rick Ross Just Threatened Drake: I’ll “Jump Off The Porch On Your Ass”



Rick Ross has had enough of sitting idle while his MMG artist Meek Mill takes L after L from Drake. During a podcast interview, Ross made it crystal clear that if Drake doesn’t back off, he’ll handle him personally. “It’s whatever if it’s gone be whatever. [Rick Ross] will jump off the porch on your ass.”

Ross didn’t stop there, though; he also suggested that Drake might not have as much money as people thinks he has. “Just off some G shit, [Meek] hasn’t lost to nobody. You gotta understand, it’s like this, we all rich n*ggas. I know what Meek Mill getting. Everybody don’t know what [Drake] business is like. I don’t know what’s really touching the bank account.”

Ross then even took it further, saying that if Drake thought Ross wouldn’t get involved in the beef out of respect for Drizzy’s big homies, he’s wrong. “If you assuming a n*gga respect whoever your big homies is, you wrong if you assuming me. And for my dog … it’s whatever if it’s gone be whatever.”

While we find it highly unlikely that Ross will actually do anything with Drake other than a DJ Khaled collab, we think it’s pretty clear his feelings have been hurt by the Canadian artist riding on the Philly emcee. Drake sonned Meek last week when he performed the diss record “Back to Back” in Philly, with Meek’s hometown rapping along. Twitter Fingers says he tried to confront Drake near the arena, but Drake wouldn’t meet with him. We’re also told Drizzy was rolling with heavy security during the Philly stop, just in case anything popped off.

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