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The Los Angeles Rams are serious about ending their 2017 season with a winning record. That became awkwardly apparent during the premiere episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks program when head coach Jeff Fisher cut wide receiver Deon Long. Long violated one of Fisher’s rules by inviting a female over to his dorm, something El Jefe clearly thought was out of line.

“What part of, ‘No female guests in the room’ did you not understand?” Fisher questions in this very uncomfortable scene captured for our amusement. “I have cut rules and we have to abide by them, so I am going to release you. Sorry, but this is our world. We have rules and we have to adide by them. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this for this particular violation, but I thought I made myself clear on what we do and don’t do,” the coach continues.

Fisher, BTW, is full of sh*t. If star running back Todd Gurley had brought a girl back to his dorm, there’s no way in the world he would have been cut. Long, on the other hand, is an undrafted player who no one had heard of before getting his pink slip during a HBO special.

Regardless, the wide receiver quickly found a new home last week when he signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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