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Ahead of the September 13 release of Naya Rivera’s tell-all Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up, the 29-year-old is dropping one mega bombshell that will be detailed in her forthcoming memoir.

According to Rivera, she had an abortion while shooting Glee back in 2010. Naya was dating her now-husband Ryan Dorsey at the time, whom she eventually got hitched to in 2014.

“It was very scary to open up about everything,” Naya reveals in People’s upcoming Sept. 5 issue. “It’s not something a lot of people talk about, but I think they should. I know some people might read it and say, ‘What the hell?’ But I hope someone out there gets something out of it.”

Per the actress, she didn’t even tell Dorsey, who she now shares an 11-month baby boy with. Instead, the 29-year-old chose to keep mum and simply focus on her career.

On Tuesday, following the revelation, Rivera tweeted: “I set out to write a book that was true to myself and would hopefully help others along the way. Media will always distort anything. I hope that you all enjoy my story and respect my good intentions in sharing them with you. Xoxo #sorrynotsorry.”

In the book, Naya also opens up about her struggle with anorexia. In an excerpt shared by People, Naya writes:  “By the time I was a sophomore, I started feeling that what had begun as a game had maybe gone too far. I just avoided food at all costs. If my mom had packed a lunch for me, I’d either trash it or find some excuse to give it away.”

She adds, “I was so young and it just seemed to be the norm. Everyone was going through similar stuff. I had no way of knowing if I was going through it worse. I was juggling my feelings and it makes me sad that there are girls still going through that 15 years after I went through it.”

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The People issue is out Friday.

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