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Loser Records Kobe Bryant Eating Dinner With Family … Because The Internet, Duh



Some hack is being dragged on social media for sneaking video of Kobe Bryant eating dinner with his family at a Ruby’s Diner. We’re not sure exactly when the video was taken, but in it, Bryant notices the creep filming from across the aisle and gives them a stare to remember.

Decent human beings were not fans of the privacy invasion, and took the creeper to task for their actions.

“How simple are you that you can’t just remember this event? You have to record a famous person eating with their family just so you can share on FB???” one person posted on YouTube.

“SMH. C’mon man. He’s with the kids and wifey. Gotta respect that and leave ’em alone, even if it is Kobe,” another individual commented.

“Let them enjoy their meal!” a different YouTube user demanded.

You can watch Kobe’s death stare response in the clip below.

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