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LeBron James is being bashed on social media for supporting Simone Biles and Simone Manuel for winning Olympic gold. James posted a picture of the women on his Instagram and wrote about how inspiring the women are for young Black girls like his daughter. The fact that James singled out the Simone girls, and mentioned their race, infuriated a lot of people who thought James was being racist.

“Lebron’s comment was totally out of line as an American role model for young kids. He disappointed young white kids and set back young black kids…. made them not equal, even if it did temporarily make them feel special. Oh, and it created all of this negativity,” one person completely missing the point of the caption wrote in response.

“Why couldn’t he say sum bout Michael phelps or someone else?” another clueless follower asked.

“Why do they only have to inspire black girls?” one IG user remarked.

“How about congratulations to these young AMERICAN ladies!! Thanks for inspiring ALL young women! Please STOP the black and white. Lebron man you’re smarter than that. You have the power to reach so many people. Black, white, ALL Strong women should be inspired by young girls to do their best,” another criticized.

It’s hard to understand why anyone would be bothered by the NBA all-star’s caption. He is a father of a young Black girl who is happy that his daughter has role models and champions that look like her. This isn’t rocket science, people. Have two seats, please.

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