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Kim Kardashian’s New Booty Shaking Video Will Make You Drool … Seriously!



Kim Kardashian spent some time with her two kids in Mexico, but garnering more attention than her adorable kids, her booty. Duh.

Who needs paparazzi to capture the reality star’s butt when she is willing to just share the goods for free? You know the saying: Why buy the cow when you could get the milk for free?

On Thursday, the 35-year-old shared a video on Snapchat of herself perfectly recreating the peach emoji. In the video, Kim bends over in a peach dress while showing off every angle of her backside. And we mean evveerryyy angle.

“Yaaaasssss,” the someone could be heard saying in the background.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way — back to the children for a quick second. 

In a photo posted on Kim’s snapchat, North and Saint could be seen while playing in the sand; Nori was adorable in a cute little two-piece, and shirtless Saint was all smiles as he sat alongside his big sis and famous mom.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.32.20 AM

By the way, there will be plenty more butt snaps coming. “Since we’ve been in Mexico for three days and the paparazzi just got us, we’re going to start living our lives and Snapping,” the mother of two said in one clip.

Thanks, Kim.

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