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Let us start by saying Kelly Rowland could literally add strips of paper towel to her hair and she would still look fly!

With that being said, Rowland debuted a new haircut on Tuesday and it is giving us so much joy.

The mother of one ditched the long locks for a short, asymmetrical bob. The style perfectly compliments her long neck and it’s probably much easier to manage for a mom constantly on the go.

Celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms, who is the genius behind Rowland’s new look, shared a video on Instagram of the final product. “Oooooh… So I gave @kellyrowland a new cut today,” she wrote. “A classic, sleek bob! I love this look on her… #KellyRowland #TitansMommy #QuietStorm #SheKruteOrWhateva #Bob #HairByNikkiNelms.”

In fact, the bob worked out so well, she and Nikki decided to go a little short the next day .

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.49.03 AM

The stunning songstress has been all about beauty lately, even when it comes to stretch marks. Although Rowland embraces the marks, she still wishes there was an easy way to remove them.

In a recent video for Allure’s Pretty Powerful, she said, “I wish someone would invent something to take away stretch marks and cellulite. If you don’t have stretch marks and cellulite after you had a baby, I really don’t like you. It’s just not fair.”

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