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Keke Palmer doesn’t take it personal when people say mean things about her on social media, but that doesn’t mean she won’t defend herself either. HipHollywood caught up with the “Scream Queens” star about recently having to set one Instagram follower straight, who accused her of being on drugs, and get this, she doesn’t feel bad about it either.

“I don’t, but I like to [respond] sometimes to show people how weird the things they say are,” explained the 22-year-old singer/actress. “Like, girl, if you didn’t know me, or I wasn’t a celebrity, you wouldn’t have even thought to say that. So sometimes I like to just use it as a moment to show people, like, c’mon now, look at yourself, you did something crazy.”

After posting a playful video on Instagram doing one of her “but the gag is” skits, one follower commented,  “She’s so wack, and I think she’s on drugs.”

Palmer fired back:

 “Come on, fam, You’re old enough to be my mother or a cool aunt and you’re trying to engage with a friend about how much you dislike me on my page. #yikes. Meanwhile, I’m living my life and never knew you even existed ‘till now and won’t remember you past this point, really. That’s the gag. What I will say is just because you’re unhappy doesn’t mean that other people are. This is what loving your life looks like, not saying things about people that don’t even know you.”

Palmer did tell us, however, that she still loves the haters, no matter what they say. “Look, you made a fool of yourself, but the gag is, I forgive you.”

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