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A Brazilian woman is being slammed on social media over “twerking it for a toddler.” A clip of the inappropriate incident was published by The Daily Mail earlier this week, and has since gone viral. In the clip, a baby can be seen dry-humping a laughing woman who some believe may be the child’s mother.

Some on social media are calling the woman a pedophile. Take a look at the clip above before reading these comments and then judge for yourself.

“I would assume they either dance like that in front of him or they’ve had sex in front of him. Babies are sponges and mimic everything they see. I wouldn’t say this is child abuse as much as I would call it bad parenting” an HipHollywood Instagram follower remarked.

“Twerking is seen as a sexy and a dance that arouses the other partner. Its not to be done to children or by children. She could of danced with him in her arms more age and parental appropriate!!!!! She is disgusting!!” one person commented on Facebook.

“If it’s HER kid then I don’t have a problem with it. If it was someone else’s kid then it would be borderline kiddie porn. And this is the least of Brazil’s problems”, another person penned.

After seeing the video, what do you think? Did this woman cross an indelible line with her behavior?

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