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Ian Connor‘s fall from grace has been about as turbulent and disgusting as one could imagine. The former Kanye West fashion protege’s life has spiraled out of control since a woman came forward, accusing him of rape. Since then, at least nine others have followed suit and a criminal investigation into the allegations is underway.

Instead of keeping a low profile, or seeking qualified legal counsel, Connor has been even more visible following the criminal complaints levied against him. Just last month, he was involved in a scuffle in Paris. Now, two women have come forward, posting what they say are screen grabs of Connor threatening them over them calling him a rapist.

Twitter user @DaniellasBroke posted these screenshots on Sunday night which appear to be from Connor’s social media accountant.

@DaniellasBroke isn’t the only person Connor has allegedly threatened on social media. Another Twitter user named @remydelfox also published her own receipts.

Ian has yet to respond on social media, but this week he did take time to tweet “I am Twitter” — whatever the hell that means.

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