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As we all wait in anticipation for season 3 of “Power” to return on Sunday, July 17, HipHollywood has got a little tea on the relationship status of Ghost and Angela. Last time we saw them on season 2, Angela revealed she was a cop, and Ghost vowed to give up his criminal lifestyle. But will that last during season 3?

We caught up up with the Omari Hardwick and Lela Loren, who told us things start off great, and then take a turn as the season progresses.

“So the top of season 3 they are together, and they are living together, and they are trying to sort of navigate with those promises in place,” says Loren.

“But it’s also a bad bargain,” adds Hardwick. “How does the pillow talk go. You’re a cop and I’m a robber.”

“So the question is can he really keep his past separate,” she continues. “Can he hold his promise, does he want to hold his promise, can Angela trust him?”

Hardwick and Loren also revealed how many steamy sex scenes are in store for the upcoming season, and if Ghost is worried about Kanan (50 Cent) coming after him. Check back for part two of our interview on Monday.




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