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[Updated] New Video Shows Alton Sterling Was NOT Holding A Gun, Celebs React



This is heartbreaking. I said it back when the Treyvon verdict happen that this was an American travesty. It seems like hunting season. This is not justice. There is no justification to shoot an unarmed man. We need LEGISLATION that protects CIVILIANS of ALL COLORS as well as the Police. We need a better PROCEDURE put into place that everyone adheres to. NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW… Not even the LAW. We are in terrible times in this country and in this world. Our thread is being pulled out of us and the glue is disappearing and we are not doing enough to stop this. Hate is on the rise and we are all not doing enough to unify and preach LOVE. This is not what or why we pay taxes. This country and this world is quickly being flushed down a putrid abyss of hate. When? Dear Obama, congress, Supreme Court , government officials etc… if you do nothing else in these next coming months please protect the lives of the citizens of our country and change these practices of unnecessary violence on any citizen of every color. Police have a job to do and it is a tough one but at no point does anybody have the right to strip an innocent man of his life. A family lost a father a wife a husband. And it breaks my heart because this is still happening in our free country. I ask the question are we really? We spend so much time promoting hate and not enough of spewing love. The devil is winning. I’m disturbed, broken and embarrassed to live in world where this can ever happen. We had a phone call about this with the White House @tyrese @iamterrencej @michaelbjordan @anthonyanderson and a host of other concerned celebrities addressing this very issue a year ago asking for concrete legislation and NOTHING came of it. What now??? I pay LOTS of taxes and I as a voice of the youth, of African Americans, of ALL Americans of all colors backgrounds and religious decent, as a promoter of EQUALITY and Love I ask we all come together and do our part to protect our citizens starting with WRITING A LETTER. DEAR @barackobama @whitehouse @tpon_houseofrepresentatives #uscongress #scotus can we all come together and right the legislature on this very issue. It’s out of hand & needs to remedy #ASAP

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