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An Instagram post by actress Mischa Barton shows just how out of touch some people are with the systematic execution of Black civilians by police officers. Mischa just posted a message about the senseless murder of Alton Sterling on Instagram, providing this thoughtful caption:

“I’m truly heart broken to watch videos like the #altonsterling execution. This may have been going on forever in the United States but thank god the pigs get caught on camera now. Its unthinkable and an embarrassment to America. The country I was brought up in. Somebody make change. We need gun control and unity. And a real President so think about that when this election is around the corner. The world is a precarious place right now.#stop #reflect and #act appropriately.”

We’re not sure if Barton is suggesting that President Obama is a “fake president”, but that’s not what has people annoyed with her. Rather, it’s the image accompanying her caption: a photograph showing the actress on a yacht at sea holding a glass of wine in her hand.

  • “The lack of self-awareness on display here is fucking ASTOUNDING”, an IG user remarked.
  • “You don’t seem to live in a precarious place right now”, one person commented.
  • “B*tch u cudda posted a pic of him with this caption instead of u chillin onna boat you type of people piss me off… we all kno u really dgaf that he was killed… you just wanted to post some sh*t”, another follower fired off.

We’re also not exactly sure how gun control would protect unarmed Black men and women from being murdered by police, but we’ll leave that for Mischa to explain at a later date.


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