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When no one is speaking to you, sometimes it’s best to keep quiet. That’s the lesson actress Chloë Grace Moretz learned after she chimed in on the Kimye vs. Taylor Swift feud. Shortly after Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor as a liar on Snapchat, Tay’s friend Chloe tweeted this out:

Waiting to collectively demonstrate just how savage they can get, the Kardashian sisters were watching social media waiting for someone to stick their nose where it didn’t belong. Unfortunately, Chloë took the bait, prompting an epic response from Kim’s little sister, Khloe.

“Is this the a hole you’re referring to?” KK questioned, posting an side-by-side frontal image of Chloë in a bikini next to another image of a girl with her anus exposed. 


Chloë was quick to point out that she is NOT the girl pictured right, rather it was a swimsuit wearing doppelgänger someone else photographed without consent. 

Regardless, this morning Khloe explained the motivation for her jab, writing on Twitter, “I’m the last person to bully but have an animal instinct to protect and defend my family. Refrain from commenting on my family and OUR business (and I will do the same). Now I hope everyone has a magical Monday! May peace be with you all.”


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