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It’s no secret that Kevin Hart and Serena Williams are straight-up body goals!!!! The good news is, you can now get fit just like the champion and world-renowned comedian and actor.

The pair confirmed on Tuesday that they’ve collaborated on a partner workout, which is only a quick 15 minutes a day. Now, that … we can handle.

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The warmups consist of 20 seconds of bodyweight squats, heel kicks and A-skips before transitioning into 30 seconds of lateral hip openers and spring to backpedal moves. The two then take app guests into an intense “total body strength” workout.

Neither Kevin, who started to get his butt into high gear over a year ago, nor Serena are strangers to Nike collaborations.

In June, the funnyman and soon-to-be groom, debuted his new Nike cross-training sneakers, Free Train Instinct Hart. Williams, who was recently victorious in the Ladies Finals of Wimbledon, also has the Serena Williams collection.

The workout is available on the Nike+Training Club app.

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