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In case you didn’t know, Keri Hilson has got skills, and we’re not just talking about vocally. The singer/actress  recently showed off her ability to make a popsicle disappear on SnapChat, and of course everyone went nuts. Now Hilson is explaining what motivated the sexy Snap, and what else you didn’t see.

HipHollywood caught up with Ms. Keri Baby, along with Jessie T. Usher, during Essence Festival to talk about her role in Almost Christmas, and she let us in on why she posted, the now viral, video.

“I was just being me. I was just doing what girls do when we have popsicles. I was just being human, and it went viral, it’s everywhere. I’m silly, I don’t take myself too seriously, and I also can’t resist a dare, so if you saw the video, she’s like get the whole thing, and I’m like Ok.”

Hilson also added that she can do much more than what you saw on Snap. “Let’s just say Snapchat cuts off after a certain while, but I can make it disappear,” she said before censoring herself.  “This is not appropriate, this is not appropriate.”

We also couldn’t help but ask Keri if her man, NBA baller Serge Ibaka, had something to say about her video. Instead of answering Hilson responded: “Huh? … just kidding.”

We’re guessing she either didn’t want to answer the question, or the two are no longer an item. Hilson however did tell us her mother approved of the video. “This is one of those moments that I don’t regret, my mom even laughed, she knows me.”


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