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Another win for the West family! After revealing the receipts they had of Taylor Swift and her shady lies, Kanye dodged a potentially big bullet — legal action!

After exposing Swifty in a series of Snapchat videos, where it was clear she was aware of Kanye’s controversial “Famous” lyric, many thought Taylor would seek legal action against Mr. West for secretly recording a private conversation. But, if that was in fact her plan, she’ll have to think of something else. Apparently, Yeezy broke no laws in recording his convo with the “Bad Blood” singer.

In California, it’s illegal to record “confidential communication” if the other party involved has no knowledge of the recording. Unfortunately for Tay-Tay, “confidential communication” doesn’t include conversations that may be overheard … like the one she had on speakerphone with ‘Ye. During their chat, several members of Kanye’s team interjected in the convo proving that Swift knew she was being heard by a group. Basically, Kanye’s in the clear and didn’t break any laws by recording their call.

Now, Kim, on the other hand, could still be in some trouble for releasing the footage on her Snapchat. According to People, “the reality TV star could also be exposed to an invasion of privacy suit, but could apply the defense that the phone call is newsworthy.” She could be further liable under California’s Penal Code 637 for “willfully disclosing the contents of a private phone call without permission from all parties.” This carries up to one year in prison and up to a $5,000 fine.

We have a feeling no one will be going to jail over this, but pocketbooks may be attacked.

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