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In less than a week, Pokemon fever has swept the nation. Thanks to the release of Pokemon Go, children and adults are being tricked into leaving their homes, exercising and being social with complete strangers. There’s also a dark side to the app: People have been robbed while traveling to sketchy neighborhoods to catch rare Pokemon characters, and then of course there’s the micro transactions which have been nibbling away at bank accounts.

Take for instance John Mayer, who dropped $100 on virtual coins that he can spend in the game.


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Model Chrissy Teigen was not immune either, announcing she’s ready to call it quits after dropping some serious loot on in-game purchases.

John and Chrissy aren’t the only ones the struggle is real for. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah is also a fan, and rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Have you played Pokemon Go yet? And if so, what’s your highest level character?

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