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The nation is yet again in an uproar after an unarmed Black man in Miami was shot in the leg while being completely compliant with officials.

Charles Kinsey, an assisted living facility employee, was attempting to calm down an autistic patient who wandered off into the streets when police arrived and demanded he put his hands in the air.

Cops were first called to the scene after receiving a call that a man was in the streets with a gun.

In cell phone footage, which has now gone viral, Kinsey can be heard telling the officers that the patient is autistic and that he only has a toy truck in his hands.

After being told to get on the ground, an officer from the North Miami Police Department shot Kinsey in the leg and later handcuffed him. “There is no justification to shoot a man who’s laying on his back telling you that he’s unarmed,” Charles’ rep, Hilton Napoleon, said.

In an interview from his hospital bed, Kinsey revealed to Fox News that when he asked why he shot him, the officer’s response was: “I don’t know.”

As celebrities learn about the horrific events, many are taking to social media with their reactions.

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