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If you tuned in for the first episode of TVOne’s Hollywood Divas, you probably saw the moment Khloe Kardashian and new cast-member Malika Haqq discussed what roles HD cast-mate, Paula Jai Parker has played.

Haqq confirmed Parker is notably known for her role on Friday, but for Khloe, she still couldn’t put a name to the face because the movie was “400 years ago.” Kardashian’s comment was perceived by many as shady, but for Paula, she was just thrilled to be in the same breath as a Kardashian.

“I was just thankful she put my name in her mouth, and said it sexy … She said it beautifully,” Paula told HipHollywood. “I was just happy my name in her mouth. I don’t think it was meant to be hurtful.”

Following the episode, Parker did, however, clap back by sharing an Instagram image of herself alongside Jon Voight from their show, Ray Donovan. “That was my first clap back. This is a whole millennial world, I’m generation X, we don’t do clap backs. This is something that’s new. So that was my first — to clap back on a freaking Kardashian.”

She added, “I had to say Kardashian. Nobody would have retweeted if I would’ve said ‘my love.’ I had to hit Khloe.”

Khloe’s bestie also found humor in Paula’s clap back, telling us, “Paula’s the best. She is so unbothered by anything I have to say about her. She knows my heart, it’s all in fun. Even my best friend’s comment, we all know none of us were alive 400 years ago.”

As for Malika not remembering Parker played Craig’s girlfriend in the classic film, she explained, “Obviously I’ve seen Friday … Just did not remember that Paula was in it. That’s all.”

Hollywood Divas airs Wednesday nights on TVOne at 9/8 C.

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