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The Purple One has only been gone for a couple of short months, but Elle magazine has already crowned a new “Prince”, or princess for that matter … FKA Twigs!

On their cover, the fashion mag refers to Twigs as a Brit with a “mystical aura”, “sexed up lyrics” and a “renegade style” before announcing that “they call her the new Prince”.

The notoriously private singer/songwriter/dancer opened up to Elle about how she remains so unique in an industry of wannabe clones.

Why she puts her work into the world without warning and won’t discuss any project until it’s completely finished: “People talk too much,” she says, shrugging. “Everyone’s always chatting and not delivering. I’m the opposite. I like to just deliver.”

The 28-year-old artist, who is also dating actor Robert Pattinson, talked about how “weird” it is to be so famous.

On being in the public eye: “Being in the public eye is so weird,” she says. “People want to shame you. It’s not a celebration of a talent.” She speaks wistfully about an era before social media, when Josephine Baker could dance on tables all night, then “go out for vegetables in her T-shirt” the next day and not have it all documented.

Check out the full interview from the August issue of Elle when it hits stands July 19th. In the meantime, you can take a look at photos from the issue by clicking through the gallery below.


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