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The men responsible for turning Joe Budden into the summer meme that keeps on giving have found a fan in Drake.

The Canadian rapper is now following Redakidprodigy on Instagram after he and his friends went to Joe Budden’s house over the weekend to taunt him over his beef with the Canadian rapper. Budden didn’t take the trolling lightly and chased the men down, birthing one of the summer’s most entertaining viral images.


On Monday, Budden’s rap rival showed his appreciation for the gesture by hitting that follow button.

Life is good.. #OvO #Drake #Drizzy #The6ix

A photo posted by Reda (@redakidprodigy) on

Still, even a follow from Drake hasn’t been able to save Redakidprodigy from being blasted for cowering once confronted by Budden.

“You already made yourself look like a b*tch. Two of you pull up on one guy and he chased both of [you]. You ran away like b*tches, then when he caught you, you say ‘I’m sorry.’ Lol your typical Drake fan. Soft as a b*tch. But hey you got a follow from Drake cuz he respects cowards lol,” one person commented.

“N*gga was practically beggin for his life, but still gone ride d*ck for publicity,” another IG user remarked.

Cold world, but we doubt Drake would have done much to help these guys had Joe actually put hands on them.

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