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Michael Vick’s brother Marcus is being reckless on Twitter, accusing NFL star LeSean McCoy of giving his baby’s mama herpes. Marcus first started tweeting about the scandal on Monday, but held off on naming McCoy as the culprit until just a few moments ago.

Marcus is known for making crazy comments on social media and for acting like a damn fool, in general. Just this year, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer. In 2004, he was suspended from his college football team after a reckless driving arrest and for providing alcohol at a party that included teenage girls. He also stomped on a player’s leg in a game against Louisville, which got him kicked off the team for good.


Whether LeSean actually gave the woman in question herpes has not been confirmed, nor do we have any interest in confirming it. The NFL running back has also refrained from commenting on the allegations made by Marcus.

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