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Brandy has been in a horrendous situation with her record label for quite a while now, but sh!t has definitely hit the fan as of late. The R&B singer says she feels like a slave, while the label is calling her irrelevant. This is just ugly…

Earlier this year, Brandy attempted to sue her label, Chameleon Entertainment, saying they were keeping her from recording and releasing new music. Now, the “Beggin & Pleadin” singer has filed a new lawsuit in NYC in which her lawyer calls the situation a “Kesha redux, but without the sex.” If you remember, Kesha famously referred to her contract as slavery.

Well, the label is having none of that “slavery” talk and instead has come out swinging, basically calling Brandy a has-been. According to TMZ, a rep for Chameleon Entertainment, CEO Breyon Prescott, told them, “Brandy’s allegations are a desperate ploy to drum up publicity instead of facing facts — her best days are behind her.” The rep also stated that Prescott¬†took a risk “signing an artist that hasn’t had a chart single success since the early 2000s.” Yikes!

Brandy’s team wants her released from the contract ASAP … and if she’s that much of a has-been, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

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