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Just 24 hours after news broke about the Alton Sterling murder, another Black man has been killed by someone who had sworn to protect and serve him.

Philando Castile and his girlfriend Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds were pulled over by police in Falcon Heights, Minnesota for a busted tail light. When the cop came to the car to question him and ask for his license and registration, Castile informed him that he was armed, but had a permit to carry. When Philando reached for his documentation, the officer unloaded four rounds into his chest. Sadly, Philando’s daughter was in the backseat and had to watch her father die at the hands of a cowardly cop.

Immediately after the gunfire, Lavish took to Facebook and live-stream the incident. See below, warning: the images are graphic.

Diamond says that she was “held for questioning” at the police station for several hours following the event. Her phone was confiscated and she was not given water or food. She was released early this morning.

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