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Reality star, sex tape, stunning and now thanks to Forbes magazine, a mobile mogul; four things that can be listed under why Kim Kardashian is famous. But, still, for one young fan, the question still remains: How is she famous?

Sid, a young up and coming journalist had his chance to put his reporter skills to the test on Monday and quiz Kimmy cakes about her life living in the spotlight. The journalist, the son of Kim’s friend, asked some seriously hard hitting questions.

“Why are you on magazines,” he asked. Kim answered, “Why am I? I dunno, because I like magazines.”

He followed up with, “Are you famous?” Kanye West’s wife responded, “Am I famous? I don’t like to use that term.”

The kid then slapped the 35-year-old with the question most of us wonder, but wouldn’t dare ask. “How are you famous?”

Whelp, we know the answer … a good ol fashioned sex tape with her ex, Ray J. But Kim probably didn’t want to dish on the tape which apparently is still one of the highest grossing sex tapes ever; so she opted for this answer: “How am I famous? That’s up for question too,” she said. Fair enough.

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1 Comment

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