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Usher just dropped a visual for his new song “Crash” and if you haven’t watched already, get a tissue because the waterworks will be cranked up high.

The singer surprised fans with the brand new video on Friday morning and was even so kind to literally ask fans via Twitter: “Would you mind if I dropped the #CrashVideo?” Let’s be honest, who is going to say no?

In the surprise video, a candid Usher sings his emotional tracks in a black t-shirt while showing off his classic dance moves. “Would you mind if I still loved you? / Would you mind if things don’t last? / Would you mind if I hold onto / You so that I won’t crash?” and “I’m not thinking ’bout nobody else but you / You’re the only one who takes me there,” he sings.

But the one thing standing out in the clip is about 2:20 when the r&b crooner starts to cry. Good acting? Or pure emotion?

Crash, a single released last week, will be featured on the 37-year-old’s forthcoming album, Flawed, out this summer.

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