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Troy Ave dropped a track from jail on Monday about last month’s shooting that left several injured and his best friend, Banga dead.

On the track, titled “Free Troy Ave,” the rapper claims a “p*ssy n*gga try to assassinate me” so he “took the gun from them and turned the tables round like a G.” The rapper then raps about the pain of losing his friend and he can’t even describe the sadness with a “whole dictionary.”

Half way through, after rapping about being innocent, the Ave stops and says he can’t finish. After a break, he comes back and continues rapping about losing his “best friend.”

As previously reported, during T.I.’s concert in New York on May 25, shots broke out on the third floor green room of famous venue, Irving Plaza. Surveillance video later revealed rapper Troy Ave shooting up the room before accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

During the crossfire, his buddy Banga was shot and killed. It’s still unclear if Ave shot his friend, but the rapper is currently in jail  facing attempted murder charges.

Listen to the emotional track below.

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