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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa recently celebrated their “love” for each other by hitting up a strip club in Los Angeles. And now, according to the entrepreneur, there’s a small chance she and the rapper might reconcile.

Rose stopped by Bethenny Frankel’s SiriusXM’s B Real With Bethenny this week and opened up about her relationship with her now ex-husband and father of 2-year-old son, Sebastian. “It’s so crazy that we are literally the best of friends,” the 32-year-old said. “We hang out all the time. We have family days with the baby.”

The pair might be best friends, but that intense relationship unfortunately wasn’t able to save their marriage. “I feel like that we just rushed into marriage because we were so deeply in love, and we kind of had a rough patch in our marriage,” she explained. “And because we were married, it kind of like brought it to the next level.”

She added,”I feel like if we just stayed in just a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship longer, we could have worked it out and then got married later.”

That’s when Frankel suggested, “You could always go back. You never know.”

And to that Rose admitted, “I just feel like right now he should go be a ho for a while and work on his businesses, and then maybe later we can get back. If God wants us together, we will be together.”

As for that visit to the strip club, Amber revealed, “We had a great time. We spent like [$30,000] on strippers. It was sick. It was so cool.”

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